Gluing Machines: Two Roller Gluing Machines


The Two Roller Gluing Machine can be used to make glue application on several types of materials, such as paper, board, cloth, leather, etc. The materials are glued from below by means of two brass rollers. The thickness of the glue film is adjustable via a scale wheel. After the gluing operation, the sheets are taken off manually from the machine and brought together with the other kind of material. According to the customers’ requirements, the gluing machines can be equipped with extras.


 Two Roller Gluing Machines model ZW/ZW-D

for glue application on paper, cardboard, etc.
gluing from below
table model – with two roller system, for the use of
cold and warm adhesive.

electrical equipment A.C. motor 400 volts, 3 ph.,
50 cycles, 0,25 kW
brass rollers Ø 80 mm
glue pot of stainless steel


Space requirements / weights:

working width 400 mm
72 x 70 x 33 cm
65 kg
working width 500 mm
82 x 70 x 33 cm
70 kg
working width 550 mm
87 x 70 x 33 cm
73 kg
working width 650 mm
97 x 70 x 33 cm
83 kg
working width 800 mm
112 x 70 x 33 cm
100 kg


Optional equipment:

  • pressure roller device for processing cardboard
  • supporting frame (mobile)
  • electrically heated glue pot with thermo regulator
  • stainless steel rollers instead of brass rollers
  • A.C. motor, mono phase 230 volts, 0,25 kW
  • infinitely variable speed-installation with a frequency converter or geared motor