Index Cutting Machine


The index cutting machine serves for index cutting on books, brochures and  loose sheets in an efficient and reliable manner. The indexing operation is actuated by means of a pedal. The knives made of top class steel along with the rugged guides ensure precise indexing results. Special features of this machine include multiple locking in the knife area and easy handling of the machine.


 Index Cutting Machine model RG

for semi automatic index cutting on brochures or loose sheets

electrical equipment:
geared brake motor
400 volts, 3 ph.,
50 cycles, 0,55 kW
tooling Form 01
or Form 02
working height max. 8 mm
length of knives max. 300 mm
depth of knives max. 25 mm
book height max. 340 mm,
min. 80 mm
book width max. 350 mm
min. 125 mm,
(min. 90 mm thin paper)
standard accessory bag for waste
space requirement 100 x 100 x 110cm
weight net 140 kg