Gluing Machines: Gluing Machines with Conveyor Belt


The Gluing Machine with Conveyer Belt can be supplied in numerous working width, the sheets are glued from above. After the glue application process the sheets are delivered automatically onto a conveyer belt of 3 meter length, a further operation is possible from both sides of the belt. The machine is available for cold or warm glue processing. If large quantities of glue are to be used, it is recommended to have installed a glue circulation pump together with an automatic glue level control.


 Gluing Machine with Conveyor Belt model TZW 132 II

for glue application on paper, cardboard, etc.
gluing from above -

with two roller system, for the use of cold
and warm adhesive.

electrical equipment A.C. motor 400 volts, 3 ph.,
50 cycles, 0,60 kW
brass rollers Ø 132 / 60 (80) mm
conveyor belt – standard 3 meter length
speed infinitely variable


Space requirements / weights:

working width 500 mm
120 x 430 x 140 cm
360 kg
working width 650 mm
135 x 430 x 140 cm
400 kg
working width 800 mm
150 x 430 x 140 cm
470 kg
working width 1000 mm
170 x 430 x 140 cm
510 kg
working width 1200 mm
190 x 430 x 140 cm
570 kg


Optional equipment:

  • pressure roller device for processing cardboard
  • belt extension – more than 3 meters
  • warm glue version
  • stainless steel rollers instead of brass rollers
  • glue circulating system – pneumatic glue pump
  • automatic glue level control